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Clutch Replacement and Repair in East Windsor, CT

Get access to the best clutch repair and replacement with East Windsor Auto Repair and Sales. We are a trusted and preferred auto shop, so you can guarantee that the quality of our services is nothing short of exceptional. From clutch master cylinder replacement and throwout bearing installation to hydraulic clutch line repair, we are the experts in all clutch-related problems. Our experienced mechanics can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem — letting us address the clutch issue with precision.

Schedule a car clutch replacement or repair with East Windsor Auto Repair and Sales.

Signs That You Need Transmission Clutch Repair or Replacement

Clutches can last as long as 50,000 to 80,000 miles. However, there are some cases that may require you to get your vehicle’s clutch serviced earlier than expected.

Here are some signs

that you need to get in touch with East Windsor Auto Repair and Sales for clutch repair and replacement: 

One of the most common signs that your clutch is failing is when it starts to slip. This could be more noticeable when you’re driving uphill or when your vehicle is carrying heavy loads. When your clutch is slipping, you will notice that the engine speed is increasing but the vehicle is not going any faster. If the damage gets worse, your vehicle won’t move at all when you accelerate. Prevent this from happening by scheduling a clutch repair or replacement with East Windsor Auto Repair and Sales.
Shifting Issues
If you are having trouble changing gears, it could mean that your clutch is worn out. A clutch that is in perfect working order will always allow you to shift gears smoothly and without hassle. If you notice that it has suddenly become too difficult for you to change gears, we recommend that you get in touch with our team right away. Our trained clutch specialists will inspect your clutch to determine the actual issue.
Grinding Noises
Hearing grinding noises when depressing the clutch pedal? That indicates that our skilled technicians must inspect your clutch. In some cases, faulty bearings or pressure plates are the source of these noises. If you notice any unusual noises coming from around the clutch area, it’s important to get your vehicle inspected immediately. It may not be an inconvenience now, but neglecting these noises can lead to more expensive repairs.
Burning Smell
A burning smell can be a sign of many different problems with your vehicle, like a broken clutch. If that is the case, it could probably mean that your clutch plate is worn and a replacement is necessary. In most cases, you will notice this sign alongside other indicators, such as slipping. Find out what exactly is causing the unpleasant smell by scheduling an inspection with East Windsor Auto Repair and Sales.

Top-Quality Clutch Repair and Replacement

You can trust the expert technicians at East Windsor Auto Repair and Sales with your clutch repair and replacement needs. Whether you need a clutch plate replacement, clutch disk replacement, flywheel replacement, or new clutch installation, we can help you get it done quickly and correctly. Our team of experienced technicians will accurately diagnose your vehicle’s clutch problems and provide the most suitable repair and replacement solution — helping get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Schedule a clutch repair and replacement with our experts today. We are located at 17 S Main St. East Windsor, CT 06088.

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